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What can I do to ease my child’s stimming behaviors?

J Shenal

Joined: 2016-04-07 Posts: 29

My daughter gets over-stimulated easily.  She has begun to “stim”, and I worry that her behaviors may cause injury.  We have tried essential oils, joint compressions and a brushing program to no avail.  Any suggestions to help with calming would be greatly appreciated! :-)

12 June 2017 04:00 PM # 1

Healing Heart

Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 701

My son has a severe sensory processing disorder that causes him to gag and vomit when overly stimulated which puts him at an aspiration risk.  But it’s a tad different in that I wouldn’t consider it stimming - just his personal way of displaying his SPD.  Fidget toys, chewlery, hand gadgets like the Gummee glove can sometimes keep a child distracted from stimming or give them a different sensory outlet.  I’m not sure how mobile your child is, but sometimes even textures like textured walking stones help to give some sensory feedback that might help eliminate the stimming that you’re starting to see.


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