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What if you can’t go on holiday?

Kerry-Ann Fender

Joined: 2015-06-26 Posts: 21

If you can’t get away on a summer holiday (or any kind of holiday) what do you do instead for rest and relaxation, to have a change of scene, or to give you something to look forward to, or ‘break up the year’?

12 June 2017 04:18 PM # 1

Healing Heart

Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 701

I try to hide under my pillow or wash myself down the drain in the shower… HA.  I need a vacation I’m not even kidding.  I think that special needs families actually need more vacations than typical families do and I mean that.  The daily stress and challenges that we have put us in a category where it depletes our spiritual, or emotional and our physical reserves faster than it does the average family.  Yet families like ours typically have very little financial resources or means to go on vacation once let alone frequently to rejuvenate themselves individually and as a family unit.  I think there should be more foundations and charities that assist families will full expense paid vacations to get away from therapists, doctors appointments, all the challenges that come along with special needs children. So that you can just breathe and remember what it feels like to be alive and not drowning all the time.

Local day trips are sometimes great, but depending on what you chose can also be costly.  Day events like a concert, zoo, museum can help a little or an overnight stay at a mountain retreat or local camping spot, that is special needs or accessible friendly.  But I really think there should be more discussion around the need for special needs parents to take regular vacations and finding assistance in order for them to be able to do so.


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