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Favourite place for summer holidays?

Kerry-Ann Fender

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Where is your favourite place to take your family for a summer holiday? What is it that makes it such a great place?

12 June 2017 04:23 PM # 1

Healing Heart

Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 676

I think something or somewhere the entire family can enjoy.  I’d love to get back to Morgan’s Wonderland someday in San Antonio, Texas.  That was really a special and fun place. 

I also liked Dallas when I was out there for a guest speaking engagement there were some fun things to do there inbetween my break off from working and my presentation.  They have the JFK museum and a really great 3 story aquarium there…. and Nieman Marcus… if only I could have afforded something from that store!

I also think Florida has some great options, although a tad far - Universal Studios is great, they have Winter there - a Dolphin with one fin which is kind of has a good inspirational message for children with special needs. 

I’d love to get out to California, and see what it is like someday.

I think my favorite still is the UK however,  Northern Ireland will always have a piece of my heart.  In fact it feels daily like I left a piece of myself there that I’m trying to find or get back to.  I know it will never happen, but certainly by far that was my most favorite traveling experience of my life.  Nothing will likely ever compare to it.


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