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Potty Training with LD children


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Hi there

My four and a half year old son has a learning disability associated with his rare genetic condition.

He is still in nappies and has little awareness of when he needs changing or when he needs to ‘go’.

Sometimes I sit him on his little potty/toilet thing and he will ‘go’ - usually after dinner.  I thought with the summer coming up it could be a good time to start trying in earnest.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for me for techniques that may work on children who are learning disabled?



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07 June 2017 10:03 AM # 1

Firefly Sophie

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Hi there,

I hope you get a response from one of our community members soon. Until then I thought this blog might give you some advice or new ideas!
Here is the link -

Or if you search the community for “toilet training” or “potty training” there are a few articles that could give you some tips and tricks while you wait for another parent’s real “in the trenches” experience stories.

I hope you find something useful and get some answers soon.

- Sophie

12 June 2017 01:35 PM # 2

J Shenal

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I wish I had advice to offer, but just wanted to say that I’m in the same boat :-)  Our daughter is 6 and we’re wondering the best way to begin, as she’s unable to tell us when she needs to go.  Good luck to you - wishing you the best!

12 June 2017 03:45 PM # 3

Healing Heart

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For children that are non-verbal I know our therapist recommended using a watch or something on their wrist the child could tug or point to or a physical clue of when the child need to go.  We haven’t been successful yet in potty training and our child is 8.  I think I’m kind in the losing hope category on that one - although I swore I never would be, but I’m also trying to balance the acceptance that this may be as good as it gets for him and for us.  So I’m probably not the best for advice on it -


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