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Speech and Language - sentence formation


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Hi there

My 4 and a half year old son who has a rare genetic condition is able to speak single words.  For example, he can say ‘blue’ and he can say ‘ball’ and he has been doing this for a while.  However, he still hasn’t progressed to joining words together.  I encourage him to say ‘blue ball’ but to no avail.

Sometimes he will say ‘yes please’, perhaps because he is motivated to get something that he wants, e.g. if I offer him an ice-cream!

Has anyone any advice about techniques to encourage formation of simple sentences?



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Sometimes IPad Apps can encourage sentence building.  In many children’s minds they are using cut and paste to communicate.  Even my typical child did that for a while although purposeful on his part.  Sometimes asking a child to explain more about the ball and blue, like can you tell me more about it will encourage the child to put those two words together in a relationship (not always but sometimes).  Encouraging the child to elaborate and make them think that you need explanation or that they are the teachers sometimes helps of course that isn’t always or easy or is even the case when you’re dealing with a child with special needs.  So things that would work on typical children to encourage language and speech are sometimes thrown out the window with SN children.


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