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It’s driving me crazy.

My 8 year old chews the cuffs of his jumper to the point they are dripping and are bitten through.

In short sleeves he chews the collar, with no tshirt on he chews the front of his vest. With no vest he gets agitated looking for something to chew.

We’ve tried - chewellery, cheeky chompers, chew cuffs, bibs (he pulls them off)

We’re done lots of sensory stuff but he won’t let you anywhere near his face.

Any ideas…

01 June 2017 05:35 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Have you tried the Gummee Glove yet?  They are making larger sizes now.  My son at age 8 needs the large.  They go up pretty high on the wrist and have accessories that can be removed or kept on for play/chew.  It is made well - it might help a little.  And the company was really nice and had great customer service.


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06 June 2017 12:40 PM # 2


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We had a similar problem, and still do to some extent - have you tried the z-vibe? It’s a little vibrating stick, like a very small electric toothbrush.  It works on desensitising oral aversion and giving sensory input.  I think you can buy them from Amazon.


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Get your child involved in activities that require them to use their mouth. Get your child to do something else with their mouth, preventing them from chewing. Reward the child for engaging in this activity, encourage them, and praise them for the activity. Activities like Singing, Reading aloud, Talking, Whistling, Playing a mouth organ, Playing flute etc.

30 July 2017 04:02 PM # 4

J Shenal

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My son is on the Autism Spectrum and has always been a chewer!  We had some success when his OT recommended letting him chew some sugarfree chewing gum…It actually helped him to calm down and focus..we just had to be careful and monitor him with it.

23 August 2017 10:44 AM # 5


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We’re in a similar situation and about to try the chew jewelry. I have my doubts though! Hope some of the suggestions help xx

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