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Healthcare professionals say the silliest things…

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Give us a giggle…

What’s the silliest thing a healthcare professional has ever said to you about your child?

17 May 2017 04:43 PM # 1


Joined: 2017-05-17 Posts: 1

i once walked into an appointment with my boy asleep in chair. it was his first appointment at a new hospital as we had just moved, the consultant said to me: “he doesn’t look very autistic to me.” needless to say i didn’t stay in there long enough to bring up any of his other medical conditions

22 May 2017 08:31 AM # 2


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Wowser! What med school did he or she go to :(

We were in A&E once and I explained my son was non verbal the doctor went on then to speak to my son and ask him where it hurts and looked at me blankly when he didn’t respond!

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