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Wheelchair/Special Needs Buggy Insurance

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Do you have your child’s wheelchair or special needs buggy insured?

There has been media reports in the past of children’s mobility equipment being stolen especially when stored in the car.

Could you manage if your child’s mobility device was stolen?

Although it wouldn’t take away the hassle of having it replaced, having insurance may help with the cost of replacement.

There are a number of insurers about, it may also be worth contacting your home insurance provider to have the item added as a specific addition similar to a piece of jewellery or electrical equipment.

5 UK providers include:

1. Surewise -
2. Blue Badge Mobility -
3. Fish Insurance -
4. Mark Bates Ltd -
5. Care Co -

Make sure to look around to get the best price and read the terms and conditions properly to ensure you are fully covered to meet your family’s needs.

If you live outside the UK comment below with your provider or how you have insured your child’s wheelchair.

01 June 2017 05:50 PM # 1

Healing Heart

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Outside of the UK, we don’t have a lot of insurance options - we can get rider policies attached to our homeowner’s insurance - meaning if the house burns down, or natural disaster that it would be included in replacement consideration value of total contents of the home.  But there really isn’t anything that will protect you here if for instance someone steals your child’s wheelchair at an event or while it’s sitting in the driveway… which is really sad, there should be more insurance options for protection the same is true even for AAC devices I’m always afraid that thing will get stolen and it’s 20K to replace


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