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Online Sensory Stores

Firefly Community

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We’re often asked where to go to buy sensory items online - here are a few suggestions for you…

1. Sensory Visions - A small friendly family run supplier and manufacturer of wonderful innovative special needs sensory equipment for the nursery, garden and home and especially for parents , carers and service providers.

Website - (Free UK delivery)

2. SenseToys - Established by Lesley Burton when she couldn’t find toys or activities to use with her sons.

Website -

3. Lil’Bits - A family run business bringing sensory and educational resources everyone in the UK. Lil’bits aim to provide great quality products at affordable prices. They also offer a payment plan.

Website -

4. Learning Space - An educational toy shop full of puppets, games, sensory products and teacher resources for children of all ages, interests and special educational needs.

Website -

5. Rompa - Probably one of the most well-known providers of sensory toys and equipment.

Website -

6. Sensory Toy Warehouse

Website -

It’s also worth a visit to your local Ikea and pound shop or a search on Amazon where you will find ranges of toys that might not be labelled sensory but will do the same job!

Make your suggestions below especially if you live outside of the UK.


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Healing Heart

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I think one of the sites I really find the most sensory wise on is Amazon oddly enough and the prices are reasonable.  Amazon also has some non-traditional ideas for sensory toys and I get a lot of new ideas sometimes


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10 June 2017 10:31 AM # 2


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We really like learning space. When we called up they were so helpful in talking through our options and what works best etc. Highly recommend them!

We also get our sensory lights from the glow company.

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