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Childcare dilemmas


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So at the moment my in-laws look after my son one day a week while I’m at work. He arrives home from school at 4pm and I get home at 6pm. He’s now getting quite heavy and they are not confident at hoisting him and struggling to change his nappies. Would it be unreasonable for me to ask our social worker if we could have a carer in just to change him?

They love this time with him and I’m loathe to say they can’t look after him any more simply because they can’t meet one of his care needs.

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Healing Heart

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I don’t know really how it works in the UK, although here even State to State it is different.  I’m my child’s certified and licensed CNA - so the State expects me to lift since “it’s my job” not because I’m his mom.  And likewise don’t much want to give me a lift etc to make that easier.  I’m lucky that my son is still light enough that can get assist him, but it is of course awkward because of his body size and length etc.  Here they don’t require respite providers to be “skilled” in lifting so even if I was able to score some kind of help they wouldn’t be able to lift which leaves your child either on the floor or a wheelchair without any alternative to be moved until you’re home.  Certainly a dilemma and one I understand.


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