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Budget date night ideas

Steph Gordon

Joined: 2016-04-07 Posts: 2

Hey everyone,

So I’m looking for some cheap date night ideas for Valentines Day - any ideas?


13 February 2017 01:51 PM # 1


Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 270

Pizza and box sets - boring but my idea of heaven.

04 April 2017 12:11 PM # 2

Kerry-Ann Fender

Joined: 2015-06-26 Posts: 21

It’s a bit late now for this year’s Valentine’s Day, but there’s 364 other potential date nights in the year ...
What me and my husband sometimes do (luckily for us our children sleep), is to lock ourselves in the bathroom with candles, wine, nibbles, Spotify on a phone or tablet, (or perhaps a film on the little one’s splash-proof DVD player) and fill up the tub. Matey is as good as any other bubble bath, but you could make it extra special by having some spa-type stuff. Then we just relax in the warm water, chat and unwind. Of course, it’s better if you both shower first, and you do have to try not to drop your snacks in the bath. We keep plenty of towels handy just in case we have to get out quick to see to one of the kids, but if all seems quiet in the western front we can relax knowing that the door’s locked and they can’t just come bursting in.

05 April 2017 10:06 PM # 3

Healing Heart

Joined: 2014-10-10 Posts: 701

We never made it out for Valentine’s… had sick kids - and we were much too tired to even treat ourselves to a decent take-out…. hopefully I’ll have a little less than a year now to think of what we could do next year that would be budget friendly


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