Space to Change

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The Space to Change concept has been developed to ensure that the personal hygiene needs of children and adults who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home, as much as possible.

The British Standards recommended Changing Places provision is preferred where possible and provides space and equipment for people unable to use the conventional wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Space to Change provides alternative guidance where space is restricted, more likely to be the case in small buildings and refurbishments.

It encompasses a 7.5m2+ (3m x 2.5m min) wheelchair-accessible toilet that further includes an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist.

Space to Change Typical Layout
Space to Change Typical Layout

Even in #tightspaces there is room to provide a #benchandhoist

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Campaign Facts

  • 97% of families said changing my child is a problem
  • 86% of families said we’ve had to leave a venue early
  • 99% of families are more likely to visit a venue with better facilities
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Businesses on Board

Here’s a list of all the businesses that have been awarded Space to Change!

Each Firefly Garden approved Space to Change business must provide tear off paper roll, large waste disposal facility, non-slip flooring and be a large enough space to accommodate the child’s wheelchair or Special Needs Buggy as well as comfortably allowing the carer to change their child.

Did you know there are three different categories Pink, Orange and Green?

Pink – Height adjustable changing bench with mobile hoist.

Pink Space to Change is supported by Clos-o-mat.

Clos-o-mat provide design advice and manufacture, supply, install and maintain disability washroom equipment in domestic, educational and commercial settings. For more information visit

The Pink Award is a suitable option for existing venues that are restricted in space and can not provide a full Changing Places facility.

Orange – Adult length changing bench with safety barrier.

The Orange Award is suitable for smaller venues who attract families with young children.

Green – Private hygienic facility with large changing mat available.

The Green Award is suitable for very small venues, usually independently owned with limited existing standard toilet facilities. Changing a child on a dirty toilet floor is never acceptable. However, privacy, the provision of a nappy bin and a large changing mat - can make life easier for families with children who have a toileting need.

Space to Change facilities

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  • Level 2 Facilities
  • Level 3 Facilities

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