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We try to answer as many customer questions as possible. We answer them via email and Facebook and those are great resources, but the problem with email is that only one person sees the reply. That means it only helps one person. We reply to questions on Facebook, which makes answers public, but the answers get lost in the daily flow of new information, so it's hard to locate those answers.

So what we want to do is answer the most important issues here on our blog so they can always be found. Send us any product-related or clinical questions you have and we'll do everything we can to answer them.

Today we are going to start by working our way through what we think your most pressing questions are, beginning with...

Q: What are the benefits of the Upsee over other mobility aids?

A: While it depends on the ability of your child, the Upsee can offer a number of advantages over other mobility aids. It provides the possibility of weight bearing through lower limbs which can change according to the abilities of your child.

The Upsee enables active assisted movement so your child can stand and step to the best of their ability with the minimum level of assistance provided by you. Because you can feel your child’s stepping movements through the double sandal, Upsee enables you to provide assistance to step as required.

Upsee provides the possibility of cruising – moving sideways along furniture. The type of support provided by the Upsee means that the child’s hands are free to play, while giving the child the potential to achieve hip abduction (legs apart) and actively work trunk muscles in standing – and it’s motivational because it can be done during play.

And of course, in addition to the clinical and developmental opportunities, the Upsee is lightweight and easily portable. It allows parents to help their child to experience standing, stepping and fulfil their physical potential through family participation.

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