My son started receiving Early Intervention Services when he was 7 months old. 

For those who aren’t familiar with this program it is provided through Easter Seals and includes in-home physical and occupational therapy for those who qualify. These services end when the child reaches their 3rd birthday. 

Matthew is only a few months away from this occurring and he has come a long way. 

I know we owe a great deal of his current physical capabilities to the fact his therapists work with him and show me how to help him keep improving and reaching goals.  

Since the addition of speech therapy in the past year we have learned just how sharp Matthew’s mind really is.  His feeding therapist has showed him exactly what to do with different textures, temperatures and utensils. 

We are so grateful that with his physical therapist’s help and recommendations we saw Matthew bear weight on his feet!

But there is a fine line between toddler and capability. 

What I mean is some days Matthew is willing to doing all of his exercises and some days he pretends like he can’t hear is PT. 

Sometimes it’s so strange he is 10/10 with his flashcards but then can no longer understand with his speech therapist wants him to help clean up. 

I’m sure there will be Moms that don’t agree with my thinking but I’m oh so grateful for his terrible-two attitude.

There are so many ways that Matthew is different than  all of the other boys his age so any ounce of normal he can have is a little gift from God. 

Even the pterodactyl like screech he lets out when the car ride is over but don’t tell my husband I said that. 

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