World Toilet Day 2017

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by Rebecca Toal

Wow. There honestly must be a day for everything. Until about a week ago, I didn’t even realise there was such a thing as World Toilet Day… I mean, who would have thought?!

Now, as it would have it, this week, toilets have been playing a BIG part of our daily lives.

My little six and a half year old Brielle, who has hypotonic cerebral palsy and global developmental delays due to her extreme prematurity, is potty-training in her own laid back way.

Brielle has been doing SO much better staying dry these days! Almost every time I take her to the toilet now, her pull-up is dry and she will actually use toilet! 

She had her first ever completely dry day on Sunday. We didn’t set about the day with that goal AT ALL, it just sort of happened!

Every time I took her to the toilet she was dry, and then she peed.

She got lots of praise from me of course! I’m really jumping on the bandwagon of this success now, and making sure school staff are all on the same page.

And that she’ll be taken to the toilet much more frequently now, and expected to use it!

As you can imagine, that entails taking her to the toilet sometimes as frequently as every half hour.

The thing about Brielle is, that she has her own way of communicating! She’s deaf and mostly blind, and non-verbal.

Brielle seldomly requests to use the toilet, although she does know the sign now, or sometimes she will pull down her trousers and pull-ups (not the most socially acceptable way of asking to go to the loo!)

So this method of toilet-training is mainly a habit-formation and scheduled toilet breaks.

This is a completely different method than I used with my older three, typically-developing girls, whom I basically went cold-turkey with and were into big-girl pants within a few days, at between 2- 2.5 years old.

This didn’t all happen with Brielle overnight. We’ve been working up to this point for several years.

She’s been in pull-ups since she started to show an interest in helping to get herself dressed and undressed, around 4 years old.

We’ve been getting her used to the toilet and idea of sitting on it, with the rim insert and drop down rails, for AGES!

Now, she is pretty easy to just hold onto any toilet available, and she knows what to do! Her body and little memory pathways are certainly getting the signals and the routine of it all!

We do see a lot of toilets and bathrooms these days… So, thought I’d share where we are at, in this toilet-training process, in honour of World Toilet Day, 2017 

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