On my journey so far, even though we have had tests and numerous trips to different hospitals, being told my baby needed physiotherapy was the one thing that hit me hard.

I am not sure why? I knew it was coming, she couldn’t even lift and support her own head at 5 months.

I guess physiotherapy was something I never thought we would have to do, and in my head it would be torture for my daughter being pushed to her limits and the unknown scared me. 

I remember walking into the physiotherapist’s room and I was a ball of nerves. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know what they would do?

I just knew physiotherapists helped you if you had broken a bone.

Yet here I was with my beautiful 5-month-old, who didn’t move, wondering what torture they were going to submit my baby to.

There was no reason to be worried, they were amazing!

They explained why her arms naturally fall back behind her to form a sort of arrow shape, apparently, it’s to do with her tendons and muscle tone with a mixture of the socket being slightly wrong.

They watched and listened and moved my baby into positions and she moved. Yes, she had a lot of catching up to do but she moved.

We go back fortnightly and once a month occupational health will come and see her.

Since starting physiotherapy 7 months ago, my baby girl has moved on physically in a way I could only have dreamed of.

I still remember them a couple of months ago putting a toy out in front of her when she was laying down and she couldn’t lift her arms up at all.

They gave us exercises to do at home, and the next appointment, she lifted her arms a little bit but they flung back down to the ground and by the following visit she was reaching and grabbing the toys.

They have taught her to roll at 8 months, they taught her to sit at 11 months, still with hands supporting her but she is sitting.

The physiotherapist team at Great Ormond street gave her brace supports for her legs and although she still couldn’t bare weight on her legs, to see her stand with the support of someone around her hips was amazing.

Every appointment brings tears to my eyes.

My daughter still has her bad days, she still has days where she cannot move at all.

She still has a long way to go. Her insides are now regressing but outside she is progressing.

The physiotherapists and doctors don’t know if my daughter will regress externally yet as she is still not diagnosed, but I know without the physiotherapists help and support we would not have a baby that is so independent.

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