World Kindness Day

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by Zowie Kaye

Of all the traits I wished upon and try to bestow in my child – kindness is the one I’m most passionate about.

“Manners cost nothing” – has there ever been a truer word spoken!

Being “Nice” or “kind” to a person is completely subjective, what it means to one person could be completely apprehensive to another. 

In its essence, being nice from someone’s point of view is behaving and doing things leading to the outcome that the person desires.

My son has autism and he is very logical in his thinking process, he often use to say to me “mum you are so kind, you are the bestest mum I’ve ever been born from – thank you for buying me X/Y or Z”. 

To him the feeling of happiness, and what he perceives as being kind is getting things he likes.

As he got older I told him that it isn’t just about getting material things, being kind is as simple as smiling at another person, asking them if they are ok when they look sad, sharing your chocolates or toys. 

Cameron struggles to judge facial expressions and body language but we are working on this, he knows that being kind is one of his school’s golden rules and does he make reference to people being kind to each other more and more.

As an adult I always try to be kind, it costs nothing and I’m a great advocate that people should be treated how they want to be treated.

I genuinely care for others, I learnt kindness and compassion from my own mother and grandmother and it is imperative that we are not just kind to people we need.

I have found though that the most rewarding is actually being kind to the people that are not, or appear not to be that nice.

“Kill them with kindness” as they say; I always make a point to say hi daily to the work colleagues that never respond or offer them a cuppa when it’s my turn to go, I encourage my child to be nice to the child that is frequently mean because we don’t actually know what are going on in these people’s lives. 

To forgive and forget is to be kind, people may not intentionally be unkind but it may be that they have personal things going on and just don’t feel that great about themselves.

So make someone smile today – strike up a conversation with a stranger in the que at the supermarket, visit a relative with a cake, bring in your neighbours bins on collection day, text a friend who you haven’t seen in a while. 

You never know when that person might most need your kindness.

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