Winter is Coming

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by Carolyn Voisey

I have a nasty feeling that winter chez Voisey isn’t going to be nice… 

Already we’re battling – three hospital admissions since the start of term, the first in September for a severe chest issue, compounded by a really difficult to shift viral infection and twice in the last week alone due to prolonged seizures.

Over the past almost-7-years I’ve learnt to love his neurologist.

He isn’t the easiest man to deal with, especially with his matter of fact, clipped manner which can be really difficult to cope with when you’re as emotional as Hell, but this man has kept my one and only child safe and as well as possible for the past 7 years.

I quite literally owe my sons life to this man.

So after the most recent hospital escapade we decided that enough was enough and a neuro review was most definitely needed… there is but one teensy weensy problem.

This year the usual lurgies that affect everyone seem to have gotten started far earlier than usual.

Sam is struggling more than usual too, if he didn’t have seizures it wouldn’t be quite such an issue, however any illness lowers his seizure threshold.

Viral infections in particular are horrendous, even very mild ones will result in seizure clusters that won’t stop.

At home we manage them easily enough, but at School they don’t have the luxury or just waiting to see how he goes; this is someone else’s child and that responsibility is huge.

Today we had another call from the school nurse to go and collect the little chap as he’d had a corker of a seizure resulting in oxygen being needed; we all know if he stays at school hospital visit #3 of the week is inevitable.

What I want right now is a bitterly cold, freezing bout of weather to come along and kill all these bloomin’ viruses and bugs that are thriving in the milder, wetter weather we’re having.

I want it to FEEL properly like winter, like Christmas is only a matter of weeks away (sorry all, I can’t help myself).

And I want my little boy to not feel poorly all the time, to not be battered so spectacularly by the seizures every single day, so he can get back to enjoying school and doing what he does best.

Being our gorgeous little Sam and charming the birds out of the trees with his cheerful nature.

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