I recently read a blog written by a man who created a vision statement for each of his children, including his four-year-old daughter who has ACC-Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, an extremely rare congenital defect in the brain.

In his blog, the father shared that he was a real estate broker, a salesman, who spends much of his working hours creating goals and business plans to reach those goals. 

At some recent point, the father had some free time to work and during this time, he pondered the goals he and his wife had in mind for their family, including their two young daughters.

It was during this brainstorming session that the father had an idea to create a vision statement for each of his daughters. 

In creating these vision statements, the man realized that despite the fact that his two daughters were very different from one another and would lead two very different paths in life, his ultimate goals for them remained the same--to have every opportunity to learn and grow and develop meaningful relationships and to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

This man's story inspired me to create a vision statement for my own son, as well as for the child I am carrying in my womb right now. 

My vision for my Coop is this:

Cody and I strive to provide Cooper with every opportunity available to him to develop skills and to enhance his strengths. 

We believe our child is capable of reaching all of his hopes and dreams and we promise to do all that we can to help him get there. 

Above all, we want our son to be happy and satisfied with the life he has and we will continue to work to teach him not only valuable skills and wisdom he will need to achieve his goals, but also how to love and nurture his relationships with the people in his life.

Creating this vision statement forced me to think hard about what I hope for my son and the life he leads, and what my husband and I can and should be doing to help him meet or exceed every dream he has for his life. 

It can be incredibly easy to become side-tracked with the ins-and-outs of everyday life but by having this statement written down and on display on our refrigerator, my husband and I have a daily reminder of what we are striving for, not only for Cooper but for our family as a whole. 

Each glance at our vision statements serve as immediate inspiration to do something, anything right then to help Cooper. 

For instance, Cooper has a goal right now to get a better score on his reading assessment and to continue to enhance his language skills. 

Seeing his vision statement reminds us that we need to read a book to Cooper, then quiz him on it to test his comprehension or we need to spend some time with the flashcards, quizzing him on his sight words and pronunciation.

Reading how one father keeps his family's eyes on the prize, so to speak, with the simple use of a vision statement is one of the best inspirations I've had for my own family and I recommend taking the time to create one for each of your children and your family as a whole. 

It takes only a few minutes of your time yet serves as both a daily reminder and inspiration to keep hoping for an even better life for your family than the one you had the day before.

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