​I’ve deleted the Facebook app from my phone.

​This may sound a bit drastic but I needed a break.

Don’t get me wrong I love Facebook.

I’ve learned so much from Facebook on our special needs journey.

Special Needs Facebook Groups have kept me sane in my darkest and loneliest times. I count some of my Facebook friends among my closest friends.

But recently, I found that it has taken over my life. It’s all got a bit out of control. I found myself telling my neuro-typical child that I was too busy to do something he asked because I was on Facebook. I was checking the app continuously - my phone was constantly in my hand. 

In fact one day I panicked because I thought I had lost my phone, began frantically looking for it only to realise I was holding it in my left hand. Ridiculous - I know!

But not only was it taking up a lot of my precious time, it was also taking up a lot of my emotional strength and energy. I now have over 500 Facebook friends, the vast majority are special needs parents and although I have never met them I care about them and their children.

I worry about them. I check to see how they are. I comment and I like posts. I belong to 25 special needs Facebook groups. I share links. I post pieces of advice. I comment on threads and photos shared. I follow 75 individual children's Facebook pages. Again I comment on, like and share their posts. 

We have a Facebook page for our son, it's been invaluable in helping us fundraise and raise awareness of his condition. I love it when people comment on his photos or his progress so I try to do the same for others. There's also the special needs blog Facebook pages, the special needs charities, the campaigns - the list really is endless. 

I was actually finding it a little overwhelming and quite stressful keeping on top of everything in the world of Facebook so I decided to take a step back. 

I went cold turkey.

I didn't make any dramatic announcements.

I just logged off and deleted the app. Guess what? No one noticed!

And there was me thinking all these people would be waiting for my comments, getting annoyed if I didn't share or like their post.

But actually, they're probably too busy living their lives in the real world. So I'm going to do the same.

For awhile anyway, until the addiction is broken.

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