It is estimated that at least 1 in 260 people in the UK require a changing places toilet, but that figure only includes people who require every aspect that facility provides.

There are many more who require only one or two features in order to be able to have their continence needs met.

So, who are the people who need changing places toilets?

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities

People with conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and spina bifida.

Older people

Anyone with an acquired brain injury


Injured servicemen

Anyone with dementia

People with any kind of paralysis

Someone with any kind of muscle wasting disease

Parents and carers

Disabled parents

Anyone needing a clean space for medical reasons

Someone using a large power chair

People with colostomy bags or other

People living with the effects of a stroke

Someone with autism

These people might need a changing places toilet for a wide variety of reasons including:

Needing to be hoisted from their wheelchair for their own safety or comfort

Need to be hoisted from their wheelchair because their carer cannot physically lift them

Requiring somewhere to lay down to be cleaned and dressed

Requiring a privacy screen to allow a carer to use the toilet if the person they are looking after is too young or too vulnerable to be left outside the toilet cubicle alone

Needing space for more than one carer or for a large wheelchair or powerchair

Requiring additional space for siblings of a disabled child using the toilet as they cannot be left outside – some families may have 3 or more children to squeeze into the toilet along with the wheelchair and wheelchair user!

Parents might need a height adjustable changing bench to change their baby or toddler from their wheelchair

Sensory reasons such as the noise of a hand dryer being set off by another user in a communal bathroom

Requiring a clean space to change a colostomy bag or similar

When you consider all these people, and the vast array of reasons they need changing places toilets, it is likely the number of people needing changing places is far higher than estimates suggest.

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