Having children comes with an abundance of challenges and rewards. 

I always tell expectant mothers and fathers that being a parent is the hardest, best, most joyful and frustrating thing I’ve ever done in my life. 

Kids don’t come with a manual (it would be no fewer than a million pages if there was one), and that just makes life tricky.  

Having children with special needs adds further challenges and there are so many days where I wish there was an easy button!  

You know, like the big red round one on the television commercial. 

There are a couple of things that do not yet exist that would make life with our special needs son easier.  

One is the high calorie food pouch described in a Firefly Facebook post/survey a month or two ago.  

High calorie food pouches - YES PLEASE!  

How many of you have been searching and praying and wishing for this exact product for your child who has difficulty gaining weight?!  (Hand goes up)  

We have spoken with a handful of dieticians who all give us similar handouts with suggestions for boosting your child’s caloric intake.  

Because my son has difficulties chewing and swallowing we are limited to mostly purees.  

You can only add so much heavy whipping cream or butter to a bowl of pureed baby food.  

Foods with higher calories would indeed feel like I’d hit the easy button jackpot.  

I am crossing my fingers that this product becomes a reality. 

Another product we need, but don’t have, is clothing that fits.  

Perhaps we are one of few families with children who are built long and lean, but I’m guessing there are more of you out there, especially if your child has difficulties gaining weight.  

Our son, for example, is long and lean, as mentioned before.  

He outgrows the length of his clothing long before he outgrows the weight.  

He could use trimmer cut longer clothing - anyone else? 

Summer is the easiest time of year to dress our son because he can wear shorts, and when he wears shorts it’s less obvious when those shorts grow shorter.  

In the wintertime, however, when his pants get too short it’s pretty plain to see.  

I would love to find a clothing line made for tall skinny boys!

What are your best and easiest calorie-boosting tips?  

Have you found any clothing lines or brands that seem to fit trimmer than others, or that cater to taller infants and toddlers?  

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