We went to the mountains last weekend for some time away from home.

Just a change of scenery and some place we didn’t need to feel like we needed to be doing something every time we thought about sitting down.

We took the kids to get apples and pumpkins for the fall.

Our son is five and is starting to look a little big for his B.O.B. 

He had a bad seizure week leading up to our departure and things improved a little but he never really shook them over the weekend. 

He doesn’t sleep particularly well when we are away from home either. 

So he was tired. 

Instead of getting out of his recliner on wheels into his Upsee, he did some half-sleeping while rolling around or being carried.

Lots of folks comment and this weekend was no exception, about how he must be just really worn out.

"Had too much fun, huh?"

While I suppose it is completely possible for a five-year-old boy to have so much fun that he sleeps on his dad’s shoulder by 11am as if he’s just run a marathon, it seems unlikely. 

No big deal though. We usually just agree as people don’t usually want to know the whole story. 

You know, it can take some time to tell and they just wanted to say something nice to the tired parents.

As our son gets older, my wife and I are wondering when people will really start to notice. 

You know, that he is pretty big for his dad to carry him. 

Or why isn’t he walking? 

The best I can figure is that they will notice when we have to get a chair or handicap tag/hanger. 

Some type of formal badge that says he’s different.

I’m sure then the comments will stop and our son will begin to pushed into the forgotten part of society’s view.

Why do people have to be either oblivious or apathetic?

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh or polarizing. 

I really don’t know how I expect people to respond or how I would like them to respond. 

I guess in my perfect world just an acknowledging nod would do. 

I glance that says 'keep it up'? I’m really not sure. 

I don’t need to be patronized and my son shouldn’t be ignored.

I see this as a pretty big challenge as we go forward in life. 

Probably more so for us as parents than for our son. 

At least while he is still young. 

One day something will be said that is not kind. 

One day we will have to face this head-on. 

For now, I guess I’m ok with what we get from folks and I guess that’s probably the best we can hope for anyhow. 

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