We all set off for the Guide Dog Centre on the Sunday, with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. 

I really wasn’t sure how Oscar was going to react to having a dog. It was either going to go great or very, very badly.

We had had a dog previously but due to old age and illness we unfortunately had to have him put to sleep. We were devastated. Oscar was only two at the time and we didn’t know if he would even remember us having a dog.

We all arrived at the centre and there were dogs barking and playing in outside kennels. Oscar was instantly on alert as he does not like loud sudden noises i.e. dogs barking.

Maybe this was not a good idea after all?

But, Oscar was not crying so that was a good sign.

We waited in reception for the rehoming officer.

‘Is that Pebbles?’ asked Neal excitedly as a lady with a dog appeared.

‘Yes’ I replied whilst watching Oscar’s reaction.

Pebbles came in and was very excited to see us all. Oscar was watching her very closely and was very interested in what she was up to. We all had a walk around the grounds with Pebbles and the rehoming officer. Oscar was watching what was going on but did not seem to be overly bothered by Pebbles. It was hopefully looking like I had been worried for nothing.

Then the rehoming officer left us to it for a while.

Neal took Pebbles lead and walked in front of me whilst I pushed Oscar in his wheelchair around the grounds.

Then from out of the blue Oscar started to laugh and shriek and I thought maybe this was a good idea after all.

The rehoming officer was happy, we could take Pebbles home with us. Hooray!

There was only one test left.

The biggest one I felt. Getting Oscar and Pebbles in the car together without tears. We had to put Pebbles on the back seat with Oscar as there was no room in the boot for Pebbles when we have Oscar’s wheelchair.

But Oscar surprised us and was not the least bit bothered and just kept peeping at Pebbles round his car seat. It all seemed too good to be true.

It has been over two weeks now and Pebbles has settled into our family brilliantly. We couldn’t imagine not having her here.

She has been so calm and gentle with Oscar, I don’t think we could have asked for a better dog. Oscar loves to watch her wandering about thinks it is hilarious when she charges about in the garden and on walks.

Yesterday, Oscar was having a full on tantrum including holding his breathe and Pebbles just came over to him and stuck her head in his lap as if to say ‘Hey, what’s up mate? It’ll be ok.’

And, it will be ok, because now Oscar has his one true friend. 

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