Last Thursday morning, I received an unexpected call from Coop's school--it was the nurse, Coop was hurt and needed to be picked up. 

My hair still damp from the shower, I threw it up into a ponytail, quickly dressed, and rushed to the school, my makeup job half-done and my clothes a bit wrinkled from grabbing the first things I saw in my bedroom.

When I arrived, Coop and Nurse Nora were waiting in the front office.

Coop had a big bandage above his lip and he burst into tears again as soon as he saw me.

Through his tears, he said, "Mommy I'm hurt and I know who did it! It was Sammy!" 

Surprised, I looked to Nurse Nora who confirmed that Sammy did indeed hurt Cooper by shoving him down and causing him to bust the area above his lip wide open on the small set of bleachers on their playground.

It was surprising because Sammy was the same Sammy that Cooper often called his best friend.

Not wanting to believe Sammy hurt Cooper intentionally, I asked Nurse Nora is she was sure it wasn't an accident.

"I can't be sure because I wasn't there but from what I understand from the teachers on recess duty, it seemed to be intentional."

This information broke my heart.

After I signed Cooper out of school and we were both buckled in our seats in my truck, I asked Cooper again about what happened.

"Coop, why did Sammy push you down?"

This is where Cooper's cognitive delays come into play.

Coop understood that I was asking what happened, instead of why it happened.

Again, he began to explain how Sammy pushed him down, causing him to hit the bleachers.

Again, I asked why he did it.

And again, I got the same answer: Sammy pushed him down.

I tried several different ways to ask about what happened, but to no avail.

I began to wonder if Cooper couldn't tell me why Sammy pushed him, because he himself didn't understand why.

I also wondered if Cooper had done or said something mean to cause Sammy to become angry.

That's the thing with kids--you never really know the whole story sometimes.

Still, I had no idea how to handle the situation--I don't want to be one of those parents who assumes their kid is completely innocent or use his delays as an excuse for Coop to get away with something if he is the culprit.

I do know that Coop's generally not a mean child, in fact he's very loving and considerate of others, so I find it hard to believe he did or said anything that hurt Sammy's feelings.

Then again, I wasn't there.

I'd like to know how other parents handle situations where their children are hurt by other kids.

Feel free to comment on how you have handled a similar situation or how you got to the bottom of what really happened.

Also feel free to tell me I worry too much and that kids will be kids so they should learn to work it out themselves.

That's what my husband said, but not worrying is easier said than done sometimes!

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