So, after years of fighting and begging, a mobile hoist has arrived and I am at once over joyed and heartbroken in equal measure. At long last, after years of struggling with carrying and lifting we can now lift him easily off the floor and into his chair without risking yet more damage to our backs etc… but it’s a piece of kit I desperately hoped we wouldn’t need.

There is absolutely no doubt that this piece of equipment is going to make our lives so much better and much less (physically) painful. 

I’m pretty sure however that I’m going to resent its presence considerably for a little while. Just like I did with the wheelchair before it, I used to want to cry every time I looked at the thing, but with time came acceptance… and now I actually kind of like Sam’s wheelchair.

Its funky, with its lime green and black covers, and seeing how happy and comfy my boy is in it definitely helps with accepting it as part of life. In fairness, I dreaded going home on the day the hoist arrived, I felt so incredibly sad at the knowledge it was there.  And yet when I arrived at home, it was absolutely fine.

I’m actually pretty impressed with the hoist – it’s a lot smaller than I expected and ok its grey and industrial looking (nothing that a spot of glue and a few sparkly pompoms can’t rectify) but not actually as ugly as I’d built it up to be in my mind.

And then I saw Sam use it for the first time and I promise you, I have not laughed so hard in years!

Sam just hung there, chilling happily in his sling with a silly smile on his face… He absolutely LOVES IT. And for me, that was the clincher – my boy is happy, therefore I am happy.

I do, however, think it needs to be rather prettier/less clinical looking…. Pass the pompoms someone…

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