Hurray, it’s finally beginning to feel like spring-time where I live in Northern Ireland! 

The daffodils and tulips have been out for a while, the cherry blossoms have bloomed, we are all enjoying the longer and lighter evenings, and soaking up more sunshine recently.

What are your go-to clothing and accessories for Spring? Here are a few of mine…


LAYERS, layers, layers, are a must!

Of course, the rain and wind are never far away in Ireland & the UK.

That means you need to be prepared for a quick change of weather and clothing!

You can easily take a layer or two off it the sun comes out and the wind dies down! I love my light floral dresses and long shirts over a pair of black or navy leggings.

I have a couple light cardigans that can go over these.

And I always keep a light rain jacket in the back of the car!


Leggings are SO versatile! You can go with a pair of your favorite slip-on shoes, a pair of sandals or many styles of boots go well with a pair of leggings, too.

With the warmer weather, look out for ¾ length leggings, or capris, these are really quite nice under dresses if you’re anything like me, and most short dresses I just cannot wear bare-legged!


Lightweight, long-sleeved blouses are really great for this time of year.

I’m wearing one as I type! I love mine because they give me a sense of airy-ness, and are super light and breathable, at the same time, I don’t get a chill from having my arms bare.

My fav thing to do is wear a black vest under these semi-transparent blouses/shirts, with a tight fitting pair of trousers.

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts are available in so many lovely spring and summer prints.

They have so much potential to accessorize and can actually be quite flattering to your figure if you get the right cut and size for your body shape!

I always advise to try on before purchasing because I’ve often looked at a dress in my size, thought it would be great, and it just didn’t do anything for me when I tried it on.

Slip Ons

Comfy slip-ons I find a must this time of year!

I love my pair of black leather slip on shoes that are breathable, supportive, fashionable and pair with just about any outfit!

There’s no need to wear socks if the weather is nice.

The best thing is, I can literally slip these on, as I run out the door in a hurry, usually holding my 6 year old ‘baby’!

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