What’s in my bag?

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by Brittney Baumgartner

As I promote my new title to 'Mommy of two', I also began my hunt for toddler and baby gear that was more compatible with our lives. 

That meant shooting for the moon - hoping to find a stylish, gender friendly, versatile diaper bag, big enough for both of my boys’ items which wouldn't break the bank - and hoping I would land among the stars - finding a diaper bag with at least two of these options!

Spending my time researching, it really came down to picking the best one and ultimately trying it out after purchase.

You can read all the specs and details, but when you actually get to put that item to use is when you can see if it works or not.

My choice came down to this one.

The Skip Hop Duo Diaper Backpack, in gender neutral heather grey, which meant my husband could carry around this bag with no worrisome shoulder strap or distracting designs.

This backpack hit every single one of my marks; budget friendly, the color, amazing storage capacity, and it was stylish! 

So to give you all a better idea of its potential, I thought I would share “what is in my bag”.

First off, the bag has nine pockets which include the two side bottle pockets and front zip pockets.

Weighing in at one and a half pounds, it’s lightweight and has padded pockets and straps for comfort.

Starting off with the front bottom zip pocket..

I use this one as my snack section!

This includes some sanitizing wet naps for those sticky hands, an infant cough mask which somehow found its way into that pocket, a couple disposable table mats for messy eaters, and three different snack options along with a juice box.

Above that in another zip pocket which is actually lined with non-scratch material for phone storage, I keep my personal items.

This includes my car keys, cell phone, coupons for different stores, hygiene products such as sanitizer and lotion, as well as my son’s gloves for his wheelchair.

Inside the main compartment (which could hold a 15' laptop!) I am able to hold the most important items.

 On this particular day it held:

one bottle cooler (with bottle inside), one can of formula, a baby wipe container, a pacifier holder, some knick-knack coloring and reading books, a superman toy, a changing pad, three newborn diapers, four toddler diapers with my son’s cathing equipment, two winter coats, a change of clothes for each boy and a pair of extra socks for my little one.

The side pockets are able to store my newborns bottle on one side and my toddler son's sippy cup on the other.

Being a mother to a newborn and a toddler with special needs, I needed a bag that could carry a lot of items. Each little guy alone requires I bring a handful of things wherever I go and this bag is able to meet that need.


I highly recommend it to those in search of a durable bag that can hopefully make life a little easier!

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