What makes a good friend?

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by Rebecca Toal

My seven year old daughter is a creative little soul. 

She loves art and crafts, colouring, making up songs and poems, dancing, you name it.

She’s been through a few house moves in the last couple years, and must have been missing her old friends the other night. Out of the blue, she started composing this poem on my laptop (like a big girl!):



Friends are people who always stay with you and are helpful, caring and very kind.

Really, they calm you when are scared and they are brave, they always try to comfort you.

I think everyone needs a good friend because they cheer you up and make you happy.

Every time you need a new friend, remember it’s a person who likes your personality and is nice to you.

No one is better than a good funny friend

  By Elizabeth Rose


For her age, she’s always been very insightful and sensitive. Her heartfelt poem got me thinking…what really makes a good friend after all?

As parents and caregivers of children with special needs, we all need good friends.

Friends who will stick with us through thick and thin, who are there when we are laughing and even when the tears won’t stop. Because let’s face it, we ALL have those horrible bad days.

Yes, we need loyal friends.

We need caring and brave friends.

Friends would will calm you when you are scared, and always try to comfort you. May our friends be strong and brave, and always there for us in our times of need and desperation.

A good friend makes you happy… and is nice to you.

Let’s surround ourselves with people and friends who are actually nice to us, and whom we feel happy with after being around!

Good friends are funny too, they have a miraculous ability to cheer you up.

Especially when life’s trials and daily hardships seem so heavy on our hearts, it’s so important to have someone with whom we can share some laughs.

Sometimes humour is they only way to stay sane, to rise above the sometimes difficult and cruel realities of our lives.

No one is better than a good funny friend.

What kind of friends do you have, and what kind of friend are you? 

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