I want to world to know that although it’s not without its challenges, an autism diagnosis is not the end of the world or a life sentence to doom and gloom. I want the world to know that people who have autism are extraordinary human beings and worthy of being loved and treated with dignity and respect.

I want the world to know that being the mother of a daughter with autism comes with unspeakable joys as she acquires skills and accomplishes achievements that I never dreamed possible.

I want the world to know that my daughter as well as all others with autism are not a burden on their loved ones or on society.

I want the world to know about and appreciate all the incredibly, unique, and extraordinary talents, gifts, opinions, and points of view that people diagnosed with autism have to offer the rest us.

I want the world to know that children who have autism will grow up to be productive, contributing members of society and assets to the communities in which they will someday work and live.

• One in sixty eight people have been diagnosed with autism in the United States.

• There are more than 3.5 million Americans living with an autism spectrum disorder.

• One percent of the population in the UK has an autism diagnosis.

• Once percent of the entire world’s population has autism.

I want the world to know that people with autism are not going to go away. They will continue to come out and the world needs to be prepared to the completely, totally, and unconditionally accept, fully include, and welcome them into its communities.

I challenge you to get to know a family or an individual affected by autism and see how you can help them change the world.

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