Having a daughter with special needs has changed the way I see most things in this world. 

Aside from softening my heart and strengthening my spirit, she has given me the gift to see past life’s everyday imperfections.

The trivial things that before could destroy a perfectly good day, are now easily shaken off and insignificant. 

Since she came along, I’ve begun to see a multitude of things in a different light. 

I wish I could convey to her and to the world what I see when I look at my daughter.

When people see us out in public, they may see a Mom with her “hands full.” 

They may see a lady struggling to get a wheelchair out of the car, or a woman with many worries on her mind. 

They probably only see the sadness that accompanies a life of having a child that is unable to walk or talk. 

When they look at her, I’m certain they see a disabled little girl and that they thank their lucky stars that their own child is healthy.  

How I wish they could see what I see when I look at my daughter.

When I look at my daughter:


I see BEAUTY. 




They can’t imagine the depth of the love that I feel when I look at her. 

I see a child that knows only love and that is completely without hate. 

I see a girl that lives a life of happiness and laughter, without allowing challenges to make her bitter. 

I see a human being that deserves great respect.  

I see someone who works harder with more discipline than most.

I see all the things that are right in this world, when I look at her. 

I tell her how much I love her, and in her own way, I know she understands me. 

When I hug her tightly, I believe she sees how much I admire and adore her.  

When I look at her and she’s looking back at me, I see how truly blessed I am. 

In her radiant smile, I see everything that I have to be grateful for. 

I see someone that I would lay my life down for, and someone that I can’t imagine living one day without. 

I see that she’s a perfect, beautiful princess.  

Our life may not be the easiest, but when I look at my daughter, I see all the tremendous gifts it has in store for us. 


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