A person who works in an organised and active way towards a goal.

People can be a little scared of that word, but being a campaigner can be very easy and really simple.

You can even do it from your sofa, in your PJ’s, watching TV!

Being a campaigner for the space to change campaign is not just about pushing businesses or councils to make changes, it’s also about spreading the word and telling people why they are important for you and your family.

The chances are if you are reading this you are already a ‘campaigner’ of sorts but here are 6 simple ways you can help with this campaign.

Sharing articles, blogs and photos on social media. 
Social media is such a massive part of our lives now and is the main way we receive ‘news’ these days. 

So, sharing articles, stories, petitions etc. is really valuable as not only will your followers then see it but if they comment or like it then their followers will do too. 

So hit the share button, retweet or talk about the campaign in your Instagram stories.

Handing out leaflets & sticking up posters in your local community helps to spread the word even further. 

Contact us if you’d like us to send you some leaflets or posters

Speak to your MP

Your MP was voted in to help local people, so make sure they are doing their job! 

Email them or meet with them to ask them to be your voice in the community and in parliament to ensure that this campaign is being taken seriously. 

Many MPs are still not even aware of the issues that come from there being no suitable toilet facilities in their area.

Talk to journalists
Believe it or not, your local paper will probably bite your hand off for an easy story!  Journalists have a lot of space to fill in their newspapers so pitch a story to them and they are more than likely to print it. 

You can contact journalists directly via the newspapers website or find them on Twitter. 

You can also speak to national journalists who are looking for stories by keeping an eye on the Twitter hashtag #JournoRequest and responding to specific requests. 

This is a fantastic way to get your story in magazines, national press and even on the TV.

Start a petition
If you have been struggling to get a change in your area then a petition is a great way to raise more awareness and maybe even make changes. 

There are lots of national petitions already around this campaign but local petitions can be just as effective.

Talk to people
Tell everyone you meet about the campaign, whether it’s the cashier in your local post office, your hairdresser or a stranger at the bus stop. 

Talking is the best way to spread the word and get people to understand the reasons we need these facilities in our communities. 

No doubt they will go and tell someone else your story too.

So being a campaigner really isn’t all that scary, it’s just about communicating your needs to people who can help you achieve them. 

Something you are probably doing every day without even thinking about it! 

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