Most moms of children with special needs would agree that they don’t have a traditional Christmas gift wish list.

Their lists include acceptance for their child, fewer hospital appointments, an accessible home or vehicle, a diagnosis, an opportunity to try new therapies or help with medical bills to name just a few.

But what if they had to pick something just for themselves?

Firefly asked special needs moms what their dream gift would be this Christmas…

…And the results are in!

We asked almost 2,000 moms of kids with special needs across the world what their ideal Christmas gift would be this year.

The most desired gift is a ‘holiday’, with almost a third (31%) of special needs moms asking for a vacation or a short break this Christmas.

1 in 4 moms would ask for gift vouchers from retail, beauty and restaurant vouchers.

And the third most popular option was a night out with their partner - 13% of special needs moms said this would top their Christmas wish list this year.

We also gave moms the option of choosing a gift not on our list, as expected moms focused on things for their family and their child including a professional family photo shoot, a fence around the backyard, stem cell treatment and the education their child deserves.

Some of the most creative included a professional organiser, an opportunity to meet Kid Rock and a Porsche Panamera!

Well we did ask for dream Christmas gifts!

One lucky mom was selected to receive our mystery survey gift this Christmas – Amber Lee has chosen $100 worth of Amazon vouchers with strict Firefly instructions to spend them on herself.

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