On our special educational needs journey, for so long we are used to hearing:

“This will be a challenge”

“This will be difficult”

“Don’t worry if they don’t just – get it”

“These will be the obstacles you face”

“Nothing is certain”

“We cannot predict the future”

And I mean literally for the past four years now; when I try to think back at what we have been told, there have been provisions put in place, support networks set up and focus' on the things to do in order to try and aid our boys development.

Something happened today though.

It took me a good few hours to understand the gravity of what was said - we had an annual check up with the paediatric team. 

A wonderful Doctor who has such a natural ability to connect with the children in his presence, he recalled things that he had previously discussed with Cameron (and even if these were from notes, it was nice to think he remembered).

So we attended his clinic and something strange happened before we left, he said "I will be discharging Cameron from our clinic today, I am so impressed with the things he has achieved over the last few years and his ability to adapt. I think from what I have seen that Cameron will most certainly grow into a fully functional, quirky, independent adult who will just need an understanding wife"

Obviously I was in autism mummy mode and was asking about how we get referred back should there be any issues or should we need assistance.

I took Cameron back to school and returned to work, telling my friends about this and as one of my good friends asked "how do you feel/are you pleased", I realised the extent of what this discharge meant!!

I realised that for so long now I have put every ounce of my energy into concentrating on things he struggles with in order to try and aid/fix this, which I don't appreciate when we are winning!!

I shared this with all our family and friends on Facebook and the nearly 200 likes and 20 plus comments helped me realise that yes this is a huge deal!!

The realisation then sank in that I could actually now consider my son's "normal" future. 

Yes I have mourned this a thousand times that he may never have it and now I wonder exactly how would this look like:

Would he actually get a wife?

Will he leave home and be independent?

But it doesn't matter at this exact second, right now! 

He has just had his 8th birthday, and played outside for the first time and these things seem a million miles away but someone has given us a lifeline - given us hope that he may make it against the odds and difficulties!

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