The vows of marriage are sacred words that are not meant to be taken lightly. 

They are intended to come deep from the heart and to be held strong over time. 

Fifteen years ago, I was lucky enough to marry my best friend.  

We’ve been through the most trying of circumstances together. 

We’ve also been through the most wonderful moments life can offer together. 

As with all couples, marriage changed for us after we had children. 

When your children have special needs, it tends to change it even more.  

Marriage is HARD; I’m sure it is not a cake walk for any couple. 

Having been through our experiences together, I truly believe it is harder for couples who are special needs parents. 

There are just many extra worries and stressors. 

Yet, there are also moments experienced that are too joyous to put into words. 

We are stronger for our struggles, and thankfully, closer than ever. 

Looking back on our wedding vows, if I would have had a crystal ball and a glimpse into our future together, our vows would have been written a bit differently.  

Some of the tried and true ones would remain (to be faithful and to cherish and respect.) 

However, there would have been less “in good times and bad” and “for richer or poorer”, and more tangible, befitting promises.

They would have gone something like this….

"I solemnly vow to keep the Keurig carousel filled with bold roast coffee K-cups, at all times.

I promise to accept you as you are, even when you are going on day #3 in the same pair of yoga pants.

You will never find yourself without good wine and chocolate.

I promise to be the strong one, when you need to break down. 

I vow to make you laugh until your sides hurt, every single day.

I promise to support and nurture your dreams and aspirations, no matter how impossible they may seem.

Through grand mal seizures and Autism meltdowns, I vow to be calm if you need to freak out.

I promise to remind you of all the beautiful things we have to be grateful for, if ever you are filled with grief.

I will drive to the pharmacy at 1:00 am for pediatric glycerin suppositories or other emergency meds, if you are too exhausted to go.

We will always make time for ourselves, even if our “alone time” means Netflix and a pizza at home.

And lastly……..

I will love you unconditionally, and lift you up when you feel like you will fall.

We are in this together, for the long haul. 

We will celebrate inchstones and milestones and take NOTHING for granted in this crazy, amazing life!"

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