As a special needs mom, you soon find yourself surrounded by 'science'.

This can take many, many forms...

Chemistry - through understanding the combination of drugs you will have to administer to your child. Biology - an in depth knowledge of how the body works. Even Physics - from how to position your child to the pressure needed to tube feed.

Some moms will be able to draw on subjects studied at school or college, others may work in the field of science where the terms are familiar but they never thought they would help with caring for their child with special needs. For others, they are thrown in at the deep end with a crash course to bring them up to speed.

No matter what your background you very quickly become an expert in your child's condition and the care they need as well as gaining a newly developed appreciation of the 'sciences'.

So what better way to celebrate this knowledge than a beautiful piece of science jewelry from Science Jewelry 1824 this Valentine's Day!

Here are Firefly's top picks from the amazing range of science inspired jewelry...

DNA Necklace - £83.00

This stunning DNA twist is available in sterling silver with either a 42 or 45cm chain. The perfect gift for moms to kids with genetic conditions. What better way to raise awareness of your child's condition than to spark a conversation when some one asks about your beautiful necklace?


Heartbeat Necklace - £84.00

An ideal gift for moms of children with heart conditions, this beautiful necklace is also available in sterling silver with either a 42 or 45cm chain.


Caffeine Ring - £82.00

There's very few moms who don't rely on caffeine in the form of coffee to see them through the day (and night). Why not show your love for coffee with this amazing Caffeine ring available in sterling sliver from US ring sizes 5 through to 12.


Dopamine Ring - £82.00

Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that can be hugely significant in the lives of special needs families. Dopamine can be the cause of learning difficulties for example in the rare genetic condition PKU and cretinism. Dopamine problems are also implicated in ADHD as well as depression. This dopamine ring is the perfect way to demonstrate your tie to this vital neurotransmitter.


Serotonin Necklace - from £84.00

You may not be familiar with serotonin but it is a natural mood stabliser and it can help with sleeping, digestion and eating. Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. So it's safe to say we could all do with a bit of serotonin. The serotonin necklace from Science Jewelry 1824 is available in sterling silver, rose gold plated brass and gold plated brass in two necklace lengths 42 and 45cm.


Why not embrace your knowledge for science with a Valetine's gift from the Science Jewelry 1824, tag your other half in this blog post as a subtle hint or better still look out for our fab Facebook competition to win a Serotonin Necklace.

Check out the full range from Science Jewelry 1824 here.

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