The first set of products have now arrived with our Firefly Community Tried & Tested panel.

In this month's Tried & Tested we have focussed on popper vests for older children.

Our panel is trialling a selection of popper vests, bodysuits and sleepsuits from Marks & Spencer, Wonsie and Rackety's.

It is very common for babies and younger children still in nappies to wear popper vests.

However, when children with additional needs out grow the popper vests which are widely and cheaply available up to the age of 3 in most supermarkets and clothing stores, parents often struggle to source similar vests or bodysuits for older children.

There are many reasons why parents and carers prefer to continue to use the poppered vests rather than standard vests with their children still in nappies these can include comfort & warmth to hide nappies as well as to prevent stripping, nappy dipping, smearing and eating poo. 

Annabel McMahon from Rackety's commented, 'These are very common problems but each parent who experiences them for the first time feels very isolated, they don't realise how common the problem actually is.'

According Annabel, Rackety's customers report three main reasons why their products are so invaluable 

1. Keeping warm, comfortable, dry, dignified, hiding nappies once children (and adults) are past the standard age for being dry.

2. Preventing hands in nappies, inappropriate behaviour in public, keeping a child from playing with their poo and smearing.

3. Tube access, this works both ways, the problem of allowing parents access to the tubes, especially in public, and the reverse problem of keeping the kids from pulling at the tubes or worse still tugging them out so they have to go back to hospital and have further surgery.

The produts being trialled include -


Long Sleeve Bodysuit with and without tummy access

Short Sleeve Bodysuit with and without tummy access

Sleeveless Bodysuit with and without tummy access


Joey vest front opening

Snapety's sleevelss vests

Keeley popper vest

Toby vest short leg

Marks & Spencer

Sleeveless bodysuit with access

Sleeveless bodysuit

Short sleeve bodysuit

Long sleeve bodysuit

Long sleeve sleeping suit without feet

Short sleeve sleeping suit without feet

Check out the links to find out what our Reviewers thought of the products.

If you use any of the items listed, we'd love you to leave your own review so we can create a fantastic resource for parents and carers trying to decide which poppered vests, bodysuits and sleepsuits would work best for their children.

If you would like to hear more about joining out panel of Tried & Tested email [email protected]






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