Diapers? Check!

Baby food?  Check!

KAFO braces? Check!

Constipation medication?  Check!

The list goes on and on...

Hands down, traveling with a child is hard. 

travelling with children with disabilities

Traveling with my son who has spina bifida and hydrocephalus is downright difficult and scary every single time.

It never gets easier, and I never fail to fill up a large suitcase with all his stuff. 

All the basics are....well, basic and obvious to pack. 

It's all the extra things that start to complicate things.

The first trip we took was when Oliver was just under a year of age and we flew from Texas to Florida. 

It was his very first flight. 

I had everything he needed, which at the time was pretty easy since he hadn't taken interest in toys just yet and spent most of his day sleeping. 

We even got lucky and were able to bring his carseat on board, so he was comfortable in his seat and slept the whole way. 

Mid-August was Oliver's second flight. 

This time from Texas to Maine, with delays and flight changes in between. 

I felt well prepared, having gone through this already and making it unscathed. 

Here we were though, a couple days into our vacation and I had to make a trip to Walmart for infant Tylenol medicine. 

I forgot all his normal sick day medication, along with his medication for constipation and allergies. 

Of course, Oliver comes down with a cold and I had to rush to the store to gather all the things I forgot to pack. 

Besides all the physical items, I have to prepare in other ways for our travels. 

Another way is making sure I know the closest hospital and making sure they have the right staff to attend my son if it ever came down to it. 

Amongst the list would be neurosurgeons, urologists, and orthopedics. 

For our very first flight I had to call and make sure my son's shunt was not programmable, because I had heard that the metal scanners at the airport could reset them. 

I had to make sure we had frequent bathroom breaks because I never knew when his bladder decided to backfire. 

I had to make the tough decision of leaving all his therapy equipment behind, because I couldn't trust the airlines to take care and not damage it. 

As I packed and planned, I had this voice in the back of my head throwing out scenarios no matter how outrageous, which led me to pack and plan even more. 

As prepared as I thought I was, I ended up forgetting things anyways. 

Next time I'm making a list on paper!

This flight we did not bring his carseat along for the flight, and I wore him in a wrap instead. 

I packed our carry on bag full of snacks, toys, and diapers! 

During our flight, I played a movie with lots of colorful animation for him and wrapped him up towards the late night flight so he could sleep. 

We had cranky moments, but I also sat towards the back on the plane, to avoid any fussy passengers. 

These simple little things worked for us, but they are Oliver's favorites. 

Traveling is always stressful. 

What do you like to bring for your children when you travel?  

What ways have you found to simplify this hassle? 

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