We moved into our current home 2 and a half years ago and absolutely loved it. It had plenty of space for us and all the children. It was in the area we love and it was close to my parents.

We then got pregnant with our 4th child unexpectedly. That was fine, we rearranged the house and we were ready.

We had hoped and hoped that my daughter was just a lazy baby, when she was undiagnosed we weren’t sure whether she was just slightly delayed and would have caught up with her peers by now, or not.

Unfortunately we have realised our hopes of our daughter being just that lazy baby have diminished. So we looked at our house and realised we needed to move to a more suitable house.

Top of the list was a downstairs bathroom big enough for us to change her in there. Big enough for a walking aid for the future.

We found the perfect house, her room has space for the physiotherapy equipment we were donated and even has a room to be turned into a sensory area.

This will benefit not just my daughter but my autistic son as well.

We were so excited.

Now we are moving in two weeks and we realised why moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life!

Our son needs routine, our son needs everything just so and because of this we are having to explain to him the day before what we are packing up next while he is at school.

We are having to show him and demonstrate that things go into boxes carefully labelled so we can unpack his sensory equipment and bedroom first.

Our daughter has a lot of appointments we need to keep going to.

Our daughter is even going to Great Ormond street 6 days before we move, this takes us a whole day to do and a lot of planning on top of the moving preparation.

We thought that it would be easy to move now the children are at school however that is not the case at all. 

We have vowed never to move again because it has unsettled our son so much.

This whole experience though has made me realise that we have to go through hard times sometimes to get the best for our children.

This 2 weeks of struggle will be worth it and this is something we will have to face in the coming years with a variety of things, my daughter will probably have to have operations and I will hate everything, I will hate seeing her being sedated, I will hate the fact that when she wakes up she will be in pain, and I will hate the fact I signed the consent forms for this.

However I know that each operation hopefully will give her a better quality of life than she had before the operation.

We have to go through struggles sometimes to get to a better quality of life, I just wish this wasn’t the case.

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