Lots of people talk about kids with disabilities and other ‘normal kids’. Some kids with disabilities even use the word ‘normal’ when they talk about those other kids.

Most people know what they mean when they hear it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right word to use.

In fact, there are three golden rules about the word normal. Please share these with anyone who hasn't heard.

The Golden Rules of Being Normal

1.There’s no such thing as normal

So you have green eyes when most of your friends have blue? You’re not normal.

Your belly-button sticks out instead of in? You couldn’t be normal.

Your fingerprints different to everyone else’s? Then you’re not normal.

Ever met someone with exactly the same shape and size teeth as you? Or are yours different to everyone else’s? Then you couldn’t be normal.

You see, you can always find differences if you look for them.

So if there are always differences between every single person in the world, how can there be such a thing as a ‘normal’ person?

2. Never try to be normal

There's no point. How could anyone know what’s ‘normal’? By looking at other people, right? Seeing what they do. So to be normal you would need to copy the stuff they do. How they act, look and sound.

But how do they know how to act, look and sound normal? They copy other people.

And those people are already copying different people.

And the different people are copying some other people.

And soon everybody is copying everybody and nobody stops to think what’s the point in copying?

Because that’s what ‘normal’ really is, just copying.

3. To a disabled child, a disability is pretty normal

If you are born with a disability, then having a disability is completely normal. It’s what you know. It’s been like that your whole life. So that’s normal. Not having a disability would be weird.

Like, if you are born in a warm country then being warm is normal.  

But if you are born in a cold country then being cold is normal.

They are completely opposite but both normal to somebody.

So normal doesn’t really mean anything. Let’s stop worrying about it.

I’m definitely not normal. I hope you’re not either.

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