Have I mentioned how much I like books?

Reading has always been an outlet and form of communication for me, so it makes perfect sense that I now rely on books to communicate with my child when my own words aren't enough. 

And, like any good book-lover, when I read a worthwhile story, I pass the knowledge of that book onto others. So, here are three beautiful tales I've found that are written to encourage and inspire children with special needs.

The Alphabet War by Diane Burton Robb

This particular book had me in tears the first time I read it, possibly because the main character, Adam, is going through the same trials as my little Cooper is experiencing during these first few months of kindergarten. Though little Adam loves school and the stories they read, he has trouble making sense of them sometimes. It's not until Adam reaches third grade that he is finally diagnosed with dyslexia. Overcoming his disability isn't the only struggle Adam is dealing with—he has to re-gain the confidence he's lost in himself from years of failing to learn to read. This story is especially great for kids in higher elementary grade levels. Robb manages to capture little Adam's emotions perfectly and doesn't attempt to sugar-coat his struggles. Kids who read this will be able to relate first-hand to Adam's struggles and be inspired by his fight to overcome them.

Don't Call Me Special by Pat Thomas

Thomas teaches about the many types of disabilities out there, the special equipment some kids with special needs use, and how even people with disabilities can lead successful, fulfilled lives. Just about any question a child may have about their disability is answered.

Different Like Me by Jennifer Elder

Albert Einstein, Lewis Carroll, and Dian Fossey are just a few of the many famous faces Elder explores in this wonderful book told through the eyes of Quinn, an eight-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome. Written for children ages 8 to 12, Quinn shares how each famous person excelled despite having difficulties just like himself.

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