Life is full of them.

But there are moments and then there are moments.

They may not seem big to you but to me, they are just as big as the first step moment.

Having a child like Ethan has taught me all about moments.

I stood at the sitting room door, watching. 

The blocks were scattered all over the floor.

‘Buzz’ and ‘Woody’ were hanging from the blinds.

Colouring books littered the windowsill while disregarded crayons lay underneath.

Cars were lined up against the toys box; in no particular order while teddies lay near by.

Leftover lunch had somehow made its way onto the curtain and the fireplace. 

Crumbs, from something were mashed into the unswept floor.

In the far corner of the room, they sat.

All three of them.

I stood in silence.

I dared not move.

Ethan was building blocks while the baby was handing him each block telling Ethan the colour. 

J was correcting the baby when he got a colour wrong.

“Good job Ethie” J patted Ethan’s back.

“Good job Ethie” the baby parroted.

“You’re a good boy too” J kissed his chubby hand.

“I a good boy” baby D giggled.

Ethan knocked the tower.

They all laughed.

“Again?” J asked. Ethan nodded.

“Again, again” the baby clapped his hands.

J placed three blocks on top of each other, handing Ethan the fourth he smiled, “Ethie do it”.

Ethan took the block and threw it. It landed beside the baby. 

“No throw Ethie” the baby scolded him.

Ethan laughed.

J took another block and tried again. “Ethie do it?”

I watched as Ethan placed the block on top.

He smiled.

His two younger brothers clapped.

“Hey” J turned his attention to me. 

“Didn’t see ya there mom. Wanna play?” I nodded.

I sat down beside the baby.

“Why are you crying?” J asked.

I felt my face, yes I was indeed crying.

I quickly wiped my face. “It’s lovely to see you all playing together” I gently kissed his forehead.

“Can I take a picture of you all?” I asked grabbing my camera off the mantelpiece. 

They all sighed, even Ethan who generally loves to pose for me!

I am never without my camera; when you have a child like Ethan, pictures and video matter.

They matter a lot.

“Okay, okay” I laughed as I sat back down, my camera still on the mantelpiece.

“We’ll just play”.

And so, we sat and built tower blocks, threw blocks and scattered more toys all over the sitting room floor.

“You’re going to write about this aren’t you?”

J laughed as we all rolled on the floor while Peppa Pig blared from the television. 

“Yes!” I answered, “you boys are my blog!”

There are moments, then there are moments.

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