I must admit I love a good “favorite things” post. 

While it is fun to see what toys people are loving for their typically developing toddler, they don't necessarily fit the bill for my toddler with special needs.  

Here is a group of our current favorite things that are developmentally appropriate for our son at this time.  

Some are designed specifically for a special needs child and some are not.


We have kneepads and socks by Skidders that help our son get a little more traction when he is playing along the floor on his Scooot.  

The kneepads have little gripper dots all across the surface to help grip the floor as your little one moves.  

We also have shoes by Skidders that have a gripper bottom that wraps all the way around the toes.  

These are great for the times your child really wants to use their toes to help move but normal socks are too slippery.

equipment child disability


Our son loves his Scooot.  

At twenty months old he is not zipping along the floor as quickly as I hope he someday will, but he is content to be lying on his belly and kicking his little legs and feet to propel himself across the kitchen floor.  

We can appreciate the fact that this mobile toy was invented specifically for children with special needs, and it will grow with him as he learns to sit on his own!

equipment child disability

Peek-A-Zoo apps

You can download the lite version of these apps to your iphone, tablet, etc. and have a quick interactive game for your child to play.  

Because our son is young and therefore has a short attention span the free lite versions of the Peek-A-Zoo apps is enough to entertain him.  

We like this series because of the bright colors, sounds, and because the screen is easily activated by touching anywhere on the screen.  

This is important if your child has a difficult time hitting a small target.  

Our son can touch his hand or fingers anywhere on the screen and get visual and auditory reinforcement.  

equipment child disability

GoTo Seat

We love our GoTo seat.  It comes with us to restaurants, in the stroller, to the grocery store, in the wagon, to the dinner table.  

It affords our son many more “normal” experiences than he would have without it. 

Owl Pillow

I originally purchased this little Skip Hop owl pillow to support our son’s head and neck better in his gait trainer as he had weak neck and shoulder muscles.  

It served its purpose there, and we have continued to be able to use it in the stroller or car seat for a little extra support. 

What are some of your favorite toys, equipment, and gadgets for your child?

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