This week, my two year-old son took his first walk outside.

He did it independently, with a gait-trainer, and he walked for just short of a 100-foot stretch. 

At the beginning of our walk, I thought I felt my vertebrae go on strike and my lower back nearly give out as I hunched over to help steer his walker. 

We had to make it over a slope, and then a rather large crack in the pavement.  Yet, when we had finally reached the straightaway, he started to put one foot in front of the other, using the gait trainer to help keep him upright.  

I gave him his space.  

He looked around him, watched kids on a playground, and shuffled forward with a grin a mile wide.

It was slow, and I definitely couldn't rush the process, but he did it. 

My heart melted, feeling like the center of a Cadbury Egg.  

If you were there, I like to think you would have sensed the love and pride and joy and gratitude in the air around me. 

I took two pictures and tried to call my husband.  

Heck, I wanted to yell at the nearby teachers in the playground, "Are you seeing this?"

Once we reached our vehicle, I loaded him into the carseat, and our bag into the front seat, and our walker into the rear hatch (and, and, know the drill). 

I slumped into the drivers seat, processing what just happened. 

With those few moments, it almost felt like we were transported into another world together.

And that's exactly how it all works.

The mystery of life is this: a whole new world lies just beyond our reach at any given moment. 

Then, one day, a small miracle happens, and we're transported into a new world together, just beyond the first.

Those small miracles can be all sorts of magical moments -- some so minute that if you blink you might miss them, some so huge it makes your entire year.  

He holds a fork for the first time, he blinks as if she understands, he is potty trained, she has her first day at school, he makes a friend.

On our worst days, we're convinced this is it.  

This is all that life has to offer.  

We're trapped in a moment.  

We judge and quantify and label our circumstances, categorizing them into "it will get better" or "it won't get better." 

But if you can, rise above those fears today.  

Return to the hope that there is actually mystery in life, that there is goodness around the corner, that there is more about you as a parent to discover and more about your child to discover.  

Set goals, focus your actions, plan as much as you want -- but don't try to make predictions that lock you into this world.

Because trust me, friends, a new world awaits.  

It takes patience, perseverance, and hope.  

Yet as the world continues to turn, as days pass, as moments tick by, we inch closer and closer to these new worlds, passing in and out, sharing the joys we are gifted for sometimes just seconds at a time.   

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