I woke up at the crack of dawn whilst we were staying at a beautiful villa hotel in California.

Did I mention that all four of my children, and the hubby, were still fast asleep?

Why on earth would I possibly want to set my alarm and wake up so early, you say?

Well, I wanted to be sure I was amongst the first to get my order in for Brielle’s new Upsee!

I had watched all the video promotions and listened in on the online webinar before its official launch to the public last Spring.

I was SO excited to get this piece of equipment for my (then) 3 yr old daughter with cerebral palsy (and other needs).

I have been so pleased to see Brielle’s progression in her Upsee!

She used to fatigue in it pretty quickly.

Now she will happily walk around in it and play for long periods, say 30 minutes at least.

I’ll never forget the first time we used it outside at the playground.

It was a bit tricky to put on at first, but the experience was amazing!

She loved walking down the path with her sisters and friends!

Everyone was so proud of her!

Such a new and exciting experience and wonderful strengthening of her little leg and trunk muscles.

It’s been a great thing for the playground and outside the house when her sisters are cycling so she can be in the middle of all the fun.

We’ve also loved using it to dance around in the house - to loud music of course!

Her sisters usually dance around her (much to her delight) and also hold her hands and sway, rock, bounce to the beat of the music.

She loves being upright and so involved in the commotion with her older sisters.

She absolutely thrives on their energy and happiness and love.

We were at a local playground yesterday - to grab a rare opportunity of sun for a play and a picnic!

She’s been doing much better recently without the footplates on.

She likes to lead the steps and I think she feels less constrained by me.

She loved to play at the bars with her sisters.

For some moments when she’s holding on, I think she forgot she was attached to me, and got a real sense of independence.

I can only imagine she loved feeling like a big independent girl standing there at the bar.

We wandered over to the slide and she started wanting to climb up the slide, still attached to my hip!

It was really easy to unclip her from my belt and hand her up to her sister in her vest for a few times down the slide.

They all went on the merry-go-round too.

Another thing Brielle is loving to do all the time now is bend over to reach things from the ground, or just to touch the ground for the sake of bending over!

I think she really gets a lot from that sensation.

She needs an anchor of a hand or table, etc so as not to fall over when bending.

I’ve found if I unclip the top two straps of her Upsee vest, she can bend over to her heart’s content and she’s still attached to me with the bottom clips and safe!

Share your experiences, child’s progression, new uses and family interactions with the Upsee in the comment section below and on the Firefly Garden.

We’d all love to hear your story!

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