Since the beginning we had problems feeding Jade. She had really bad reflux and her gag reflex was so sensitive that when she gagged she would throw up everything. She was on anti-reflux milk till 6 months. That milk was so thick and did not taste nice at all – but which ones do?

She never liked any of the baby porridge. She lived on Purity (mango and banana delight) for at least 6 – 12 months. Every night I would put her to sleep I would pray for her not to throw up. It didn’t work very often. 

We had her at a speech therapist and she said we must try this and that. This and that didn’t work. She did not want to eat anything. Not even scrambled egg. She would choke on anything.

Her dad started teaching her to clear her throat. Boy did that make a difference when she got that right.

In Aug 2014, she got sick.

She was on two sets of antibiotics and a bunch of other things. But she did not get better. After a week of throwing everything up and not keeping her bottle in she was admitted to the hospital for dehydration. She also had a very bad fever and we could not get it down. 

After a few days in the hospital and I don’t know how many tests they could still not figure out what was wrong with her.

Slowly she started drinking her bottle again and eating here and there. They sent us home and I tried to figure out what could be making her sick. She was fine the whole day eating better and keeping her bottles in. We bathed her and then I gave her a bottle to try and get her to sleep.

Not even 5 min from sitting in her room she threw up.

And the culprit was….. her humidifier. Since I put that off she has not been sick again. Weird I know. Don’t always believe what the doctor tells you. Go with your gut. It’s usefully right when it comes to your child.

Since then Jade has been eating like a champ. She loves banana and scrambled egg. She eats with us know and it has made such a difference. She is off her reflux meds and is a happier child. Think the hospital scared her into eating.

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