I recently told someone that I had depression and that is why I wanted to raise awareness of Mental Health. 

That I find even in today’s society of understanding and acceptance there is still a massive stigma for those who suffer from mental health issues.

If you think you don’t know someone who has or has had a mental health issue, then I would say look closer.

Whether it was temporary and only lasted a few months, maybe having post natal depression, to knowing someone with schizophrenia, all of these are mental health issues that need to be addressed, and that need to be better understood.

I am shocked about how little people understand about living with a mental health conditions, that some people believe you choose to have a mental health issue.

That it is the new ‘trend’’. When I was diagnosed as depressed people were perplexed as I have always been openly so loud and outgoing and yet behind that mask I was breaking down inside, no one seemed to understand that I was petrified of people thinking less of me. 

When we are injured we would go to the doctor or hospital, we take vitamins to prevent us getting colds, we exercise to reduce all sorts of health problems and yet when it comes to our mental health we sit back and generally do nothing.

We have children that have additional needs, we spend nearly all our time going around to different appointments, we spend a lot of our time worrying about test results or different reports, we spend our time fighting and pushing for equal rights, but do we have anytime for us?

Do we take time to look after ourselves, do we get time to sit and relax and empty our mind.

I am not saying we will go to sleep and wake up with a mental health issue but shouldn’t we be looking after our mental health so that we can be the best possible parent for our children.

As much as we may think organising time for just us is awkward and not needed, surely an evening or an hour a week to go to a yoga class, or take a walk, or just to sit and cry and cry and cry is better than holding all the stress of being a carer in.

To take a break and say Ï am struggling to stay positive” does not mean we are bad parents, it means we are human. 

I hope mental health will be less stigmatised and one day everyone realises that it is a condition, and it needs to be looked after.

That disabilities aren’t only on the outside or physical. Maybe once there is more of a generalised knowledge people will start to take care of their mental health or seek help when they struggle.


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