Being a parent is a lot about planning but even more so if you are a special needs parent. There are to do lists, piles of paper (everywhere), folders, online diaries, paper diaries and wall charts. But, no matter how much you plan these things are bound to happen on more occasions than you care to remember…

15 Sod’s Law of Special Needs Parenting

1. Your child has been surprisingly well for the past few weeks so you arrange a much needed night out with your partner only for your child to wake up that morning with a temperature of 38.8. 

2. You’ve sat for hours filling out forms to apply for charity funding only to find out that your Local Authority CAN fund it after all.

3. You are meticulous with your filling but the one time you don’t photocopy a form is the time it goes astray .

4. Your child’s SATS are all over the place, you finally head to the hospital only for them to be perfectly stable on arrival.

5. If you’re running late for an appointment there will be a queue a mile long to get into the car park and the clinic is running on time. Of course if you have plenty of time, there will be no queue and the clinic will be an hour late!

6. You wait months for a referral to discuss with a specialist a certain behaviour/trait/seizure that your child has on a daily basis only for the appointment to fall on a ‘good day’ and the specialist sees no sign of it. 

7. Respite has been booked for months, your child is well, the hotel confirmation is printed out, the case is packed then the phone rings – it’s the hospice they have to cancel. 

8. Two much anticipated appointments are scheduled for the same day at different hospitals.

9. Your carers are never free on the days you’d like them to be but if it’s a day when you have a load of appointments, 3 are free together .

10. Drive in to the shopping centre with your child in the car, there isn’t a disabled parking space to be found. Go back the next day with no child and they’ll all be free!

11. Finally you find a toy/soother your child loves, it gets broken, you go to replace it only to find they don’t make them anymore. 

12. You’ve planned some much needed ‘me time’ only for it to snow in March and school is cancelled. 

13. Your child rarely sleeps through the night but the night he or she is at respite, they sleep a full 12 hours. 

14. The Consultant in charge of clinic just happens to be the one you have a complaint in against. 

15. There is ALWAYS a poo-explosion on the way to somewhere special Share your Sod’s Law moments here

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