Jade has just turned two and she has already started with her tantrums.

I’m not sure what to do.

She has special needs but she is also just a child.

She has a strong will of her own and gets really angry with me if I’m not fast enough to get to her or if she gets bored and I don’t pick her up to play with her.

Sometimes it’s so bad she can’t even clam down in my arms.

She eventually stops, it’s just really hard to listen to her screaming for something and you don’t know what she needs.

In the beginning, I would pick her up immediately as she would make herself nauseated.

It is really hard not to shout when I have had enough of the screaming.

Or when I need to take a step back and there is no one else to take her.

When I grew up my parents disciplined me with a hard smack on the bum.

I turned out fine but I’m in a different situation with Jade.

I have smacked her once in her life on her bum.

She got such a fright she didn’t know what to do.

I felt so bad after that I have never done it since.

I just say to her that is now enough and if that does not work I put her down to cry it out.

It breaks my heart to hear her cry but sometimes kids need to cry.

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