Danny has not been sleeping much lately.

We periodically go through weeks or months at a time where Danny seemingly forgets that humans need sleep and circadian rhythm is nothing more than perhaps a catchy jazz band name.

I have analyzed our sleep patterns, cross-referenced them with our every schedule change, activity, or food eaten.

We nap, we don’t nap, we nap twenty minutes, and we nap for two hours. 

We have endured the obligatory sleep study, consulted with behavior specialists, and pursued every medical explanation. 

We use essential oils, massage, and have a nightly ritual that rivals any spa treatment anywhere. 

There have been no real answers. 

Nothing we do seems to consistently connect with better results. 

We have seemingly exhausted our options. 

Uninterrupted sleep is our unicorn.

Danny’s sleep patterns are a special kind of torture. 

He will easily fall asleep around eight o’clock and then wake, refreshed and ready to party at around midnight. 

Some nights, he will be awake a mere two to three hours, but regularly will be awake until it is light. 

He will then fall back to sleep for a few hours and then is ready to start his day. 

Well, not really but we soldier on because we no longer remember what feeling rested would be like anyway.

Luckily, Danny is a pretty cheerful guy in the middle of the night. 

If you were going to have to be awake with someone for hours nightly, he would definitely be at the top of the list. 

We have tried getting up, tried staying in bed alone, and staying together snuggling. 

We now mostly just snuggle because we both like it best. 

I try not to engage or even make eye contact, but it is nearly impossible. 

He giggles to get your attention and smiles broadly in the dark. 

He squeals, sighs, and wiggles. 

Just when you think, “This is the moment. This is the moment right before I lose it,” he will look up and say, “MOM!” It is the best consonant-vowel-consonant he has ever said, and it is your name. 

This boy is calculating. 

He is an adorable sleep thief, but a thief all the same.

I lie awake and tell myself that nothing is forever. 

I tell myself that Danny will not always fit so readily or willingly in my arms. 

This, like all things, will pass. 

Sleep will eventually come for us all. 

We will get through this time, and as weary as we may be, at least we are doing it together.

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